CD burning tools are introduced to clear data of the discs including media files, audios, videos and movies and other documents. Some of the most popular software applications include:


  • Burn aware free
  • Img burn
  • Ashampoo burning studio and Ashampoo burning studio 9.24
  • CD burner XP
  • Infra recorder
  • Nero Multimedia Suite

Features of the Burn Aware software application

Most of the users prefer Burn Aware tool for free to burn DVDs and CDs. It’s simple interface and step by step burning process makes it the best burning tool. However, this application is not designed for commercial use. You could use it at home to burn Mp3 CD, video DVD, format the rewritable disc and so on. It works with all the media types including DVDs and CDs and the hardware interfaces including SCSI, SATA, IDE, USB, 1394 etc. The tool will verify all the written files.

Important facts about the Img burn tool

Img burn tool will support around 10 or more image formats and the modern optical disks like blue ray, DVD, CD etc. you could build audio CDs and create different video disks on HD DVD. This tool is available with around 5 different modes:

  • Read – click on this mode to read a CD or DVD to image file
  • Write – with this option you can easily write any image file to the disc
  • Discovery – the discovery option will test your media or discs
  • Build – it uses the files saved on your desktop to create image files. Not only this, with this mode you can write your files to CD
  • Verify- Before proceeding ahead, you have to check that the disk is readable

All you need to know about CD burner XP

CD burner XP is yet one more powerful software program. Besides creating the video discs and audio CDs, it will help you to find track of info online and rip you audios etc. Look at the key uses of this unique software:

  • It will command the line version
  • It will erase all the rewritable media
  • It will verify the data to be burn
  • It will support all the custom background images

The application is available with a unique four paned interface, which makes it convenient to complete the task. This software is specially designed for Windows 7 32 and 64 bits.

Infra recorder is a new tool used for burning CDs and other disks. Like other software programs, it is available with all the basic features. However, it does not work for the high definition DVDs and ray discs. Besides this, it is not available with simple interface. Hence, before selecting it, you could consider these drawbacks. However, the future versions of infra recorder might come with advanced features.

Nero Multimedia Suite is quite handy when it comes to DVDs and burning videos to it. It has quite a lot features that most free tools can’t offer. To check out nero free download, you should read more reviews from referred sources. You can download the free version first to test if the software program meets the needs.

Now, you are quite familiar with the pros and cons of different CD burning applications. You have to read on their reviews before selecting a good burning tool.